Wearing Ben Wa Balls Like a Precious Accessory


Mien-Ling in China, ball of resonance in Japan, the country of origin, the balls of Ben Wa are an accessory which makes the happiness of Orientals since centuries. The first balls of Ben Wa, or “Burmese bells” consisted of two hollow silver balls, one containing a drop of mercury or a metal ball the other a “tongue” of metal which, vibrating, produced the sound of a bell. They were worn by courtesans in the morning and the balls were supposed to allow them to be always in a state of excitement to receive their lover.

The principle has remained the same but the developments made with regard to the noise that could produce the balls have evolved for our greatest pleasure! Today, Ben Wa balls are made of metal balls, connected together by a latex cord, metal or other; they are placed in the vagina, possibly in the anus. Ben Wa balls are used to practice Taoism or Tantrism, as a stimulator for long periods. They can also be used to remodel the perineum after delivery, because of their high weight, in addition to Kegel Exercises. They allow women to better control the muscles of their vagina, to give more pleasure to their partner and to get more of them too.

The diameter of the balls is in principle of a size of about 3.5 to 5 cm. The balls are interconnected by a wire and have a cord that allows removing them as a buffer. They fit completely inside the vagina leaving the cord protruding outside. The set is then simply washed with soap and water before the next reuse. Ben Wa balls exist in different materials providing various sensations, including hard plastic, or covered with latex, or silicone.

Each ball contains a ball (usually metallic), whose reciprocating movements, related to the movements of the user, generate sensations by small shocks and bearings. When the shells (balls) collide because of these movements, the steel balls they contain cause a dull and permanent vibration soliciting the muscles of the vagina and may, in some women, cause immediate pleasure. The perineum becomes more and more powerful and vibrates more and more strongly during orgasms. The sensations increase especially as the perineum is powerful.

If their rapid exit can promote orgasm, it is primarily a toy to wear on periods of average duration, to spice up the preliminaries or spice up erotic situations. Some women like to wear them in everyday situations (at work, in public) to provoke sexual stimulation in places or times considered inappropriate. The vaginal carriage can cause, in some women, an abundant lubrication; the weight of the balls helping, it is common that all come out alone.

Some women do not support this presence, while others enjoy it a lot for periods up to the whole day. There are a multitude of types of balls Ben Wa, difficult to navigate. Concretely how to choose them? How much do string Ben Wa balls cost? You’ll know more from the Loveballs website.

Smart Balls Green – The material is very important. Choose them in silicone. There are today only in this matter, even the cord. This is much more hygienic than a cord fabric on the one hand and much stronger also on the other hand. For the first use, do not hesitate to use lubricant to facilitate insertion. If your Ben Wa balls are silicone, use only water-based lubricant (silicone lubricants can make porous silicone objects).

After having made you discover a toy to start your private life alone, today I propose an object that can combine health and pleasure. And as I promised last time, it can also be used to two, depending on models.

Balls good for health

Ben Wa balls are an essential accessory in two areas:

  • Pelvic floor strength training,
  • The re-appropriation of sensations during sexual intercourse.

If you have not had a child yet, you may not know Kegel’s exercises of re-educating the pelvic muscles, which are severely challenged during a vaginal delivery. Ben Wa balls can help to strengthen the entire floor. For that, it is enough for:

  • Wash your Ben Wa balls well with clear water and mild soap. Also empty your bladder.
  • Put yourself in a relaxed position (for example, lying on your back in your bed).
  • Carefully insert the balls. You can previously coat them with lubricant. Be relaxed, it must not hurt. Once the balls are inserted, let the wire pass.
  • Fold your knees, still lying on your back. Here you are relaxed.
  • Contract your vaginal and pelvic muscles, in order to trace the Ben Wa balls in the vaginal canal. Hold this contraction of the muscles for five seconds (for starters), and then relax the muscles for as long.
  • Repeat this exercise a dozen times. No more!!
  • Remove the Ben Wa balls, and wash them with clear water and mild soap.

But Ben Wa balls are not only useful for doing “exercises”. You can also wear them and do your daily chores as if nothing had happened. Wearing them will automatically put your vaginal muscles to work. It will also favor the natural lubrication of the vaginal canal.

For starters, do not wear them for more than ten minutes every other day. Then, if you feel your muscles get stronger, you can wear them longer. But no more than thirty minutes a day, otherwise your muscles may get tired which is not the goal.

An important point: if you feel discomfort, remove them immediately.

Good balls for fun two!

Well. Until now, you have to say to yourself, “Ah, Ben Wa balls, it looks cool to me, but how can I use them together? “

First, you can insert the balls of Ben Wa as preliminaries (well, remember that they favor the natural lubrication of the vaginal duct), while you do a little beauty for a moment ” oléolé »with your partner! In addition, Ben Wa balls can also be used by men.

Then, there are some models “vibrating”, sometimes accompanied by a wireless remote. You see me coming?

Who tested them; they personally have not experienced a sensation of pleasure. However, the fact that there is a wireless remote control creates a sensation of excitement rather interesting, especially when it is Sir who manages said remote control. Ideal for foreplay, Hula Beads play the same role as traditional Ben Wa balls. They have several different modes of vibration. In addition, the head performs a rotary motion.

Like the Ben Wa balls, the Hula Beads train the pelvic floor muscles. So, of course, and because of the vibrations, it is not advisable to wear them running more than ten minutes. Anyway, after a while, the vibrations become rather annoying.