Vagina Training Through Yoni Eggs


Love Balls are an underrated sex toy. They not only increase the desire, they also train the pelvic floor. That’s why you should try them!

Love balls as a sex toy – why?

When it comes to sex, it’s like dragging crates of drinks: if you have trained muscles, you have a clear advantage. This does not only apply to the sweaty marathon night between the sheets or particularly ambitious positions from the Kama sutra. In female orgasm, the muscles of the pelvic floor are in demand. If it is weak, you may have trouble getting to the climax. That’s where the love balls come into play.

What are love balls? 

Love balls usually consist of two or more small, interconnected balls.

What do you do with love balls?

The love balls are inserted into the vagina. This lubricant can help. Using anegg can the Sextoy pull out again – almost like a tampon so. With the yoni eggs meditation, the whole process becomes quite easy for you now.

What’s the secret? 

In the balls are tiny weights. They get vibrated when you move. As a result of the movement, the muscles in the pelvic floor involuntarily contract and are strengthened in this way.

What do love balls consist of? 

Silicone love balls are very popular nowadays. The material is soft, smooth and easy to clean. These models are the best choice for beginners. Some women prefer metal love balls. They are even smoother and only heat up in contact with the skin.

How do love balls differ apart from the material? 

Love balls are offered in various weight classes. To get started, lighter versions should be chosen. There are also love balls in which the vibration is generated electrically and controlled by remote control. These models are as mini vibrators a real sex toy.

Under which terms are love balls also known? 

Buy love balls

The selection in the network is huge. Here you will find products that are particularly popular with users and show the variety of love balls.

How does love balls work?

Love balls work in two ways: short and long term. During or immediately before sex, they additionally provide stimulation and increase the feeling of pleasure.

The helpers develop their greatest benefit in everyday life. While your fellow human beings are completely unaware, they get in motion while walking, climbing stairs or cycling in your body and exercise the pelvic floor. This not only pays off during sex. A strong pelvic floor muscle also helps against bladder weakness – ranging from small mishaps with strong sneezing to more serious problems with the bladder.

Another simple exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor: Tighten the muscles as if you urgently needed to use the toilet.

How often and how long you carry the small weights depends heavily on your body. It’s best to consult with your gynecologist before using it for the first time. This is especially important during pregnancy or health problems.

Love balls must be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Thanks to the mostly hygienic surfaces, hot water and soap are often enough. Ask but also here with your gynecologist.

Vaginal ball in the toy test

Sadly, there are still many myths surrounding the so-called love or vaginal balls! Recurring questions about this partially nebulous topic, which I would like to anticipate here:

Where to put it?

The beautiful, at first glance, somewhat heavy-looking jade ball is introduced into the scabbard with the lubrication gel (sample included in the delivery) and “the chain” remains outside, just like the tampons. However, the previously “heavy” acting material feels great and the fear of getting through the cool stone “freeze fire”, I can decisively shake off. The gemstone takes in body heat in seconds and is not once perceived as a foreign body.

Can the love ball slip into the uterus?

Unfortunately, there is something like gravity! So please tell me in any case, if you have the “disappear in the uterus” contrary to all physical laws have done!

Can the ball slip out?

I’ll put it this way: Can you hold a 5kg dumbbell with your arm extended horizontally for 3 minutes? No? For this you would have to train first? You see. So, if she slips out, you should be seriously worried about your vaginal muscles that are because … oh, I’ll just say it tough: untrained. Among other things, the feel-feminine page also offers a test kit, where you can try out different sizes which model would be suitable for you. That’s what I call a great idea!

What should one pay attention to?

If you do not want to give a chance to all the germs that crawl and breathe, please pay attention to very good workmanship, a product made of a “cast”, without any parts that are glued together cheaply. The balls must be very well processed for longevity and untroubled enjoyment and must not have any stripping or god-forbidden fabric parts. This would be an ideal breeding ground for germs! The balls of feel-feminine leave nothing to be desired in this point. They are processed absolutely clean, meet the highest standard and can be easily cleaned.

Is there a time limit when wearing?

Yes! Musculature has overused the annoying habit of soreness. Unfortunately, vaginal muscle is no exception, and in contrast to the last mountain hike or a 2.5 hour power workout in the gym, you CAN not proudly tell a colleague about it. So start with a few minutes and increase the whole thing individually to a pleasant wearing time!

Why do you use them?

Primarily to train the vaginal muscles! Whether after a pregnancy or from the realization that all other official sports do not suit you. For a tense, trained musculature, which is in the long run, to firmly enclose the penis feels better for you AND the lucky man at your side!

We would like to point out that the vaginal balls with proper handling are harmless to health.