Roskilde Naked Run Festival


Genitals, genitals everywhere.

Knowing what to wear to a festival can be tricky, but usually people do tend to opt for some kind of clothing.

But modesty took a back seat when 30 extremely confident Danes took part in a naked fun-run at Roskilde festival in Roskilde, Denmark.

The Roskilde Festival offers exhibitionists everywhere the freedom to run around in the buff during the annual Naked Run.

The Naked Run is the highlight of the festival, which takes place just outside of Copenhagen.

It’s one of the largest music festivals in Europe, and has been going since 1971.

Wearing nothing but socks, trainers and a smile, 30 amateur runners took part in the challenge, gearing themselves up with plenty of warpaint and some pretty powerful warm-up exercises.

The nude race has taken place at Rosklide since 1999, and normally takes place on the Saturday of the festival, according to Chilli Sauce.

But there’s method to the lack of modesty.

The male and female winners of the race win free tickets to next year’s festival, which hosts big artists like Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, The XX and Bonobo.