7 Naked Festival and Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Them


There are numerous nude festivals in countries across the world. And while they all have one thing in common, the motives behind and types of these events are often quite different. If you enjoy parties and nudity, here are some of the most popular events that you shouldn’t miss. 

Naked Snow Sledding Championship

If you are one of many people that love sledding and being naked, this festival is something you need to visit. Yes, you read it right. The entire idea behind the Naked Show Sledding Championship is to compete while being as naked as possible. This festival is held in Germany, in a town called Altenberg, and it is one of the biggest attractions you can find there. 


As you can probably guess, this race won’t be a part of the Olympics, but it is so much fun. Of course, being completely naked would probably be a bad idea, which is why competitors wear helmets and underwear. 


It is worth mentioning that this is far from being the only town in Germany that offers naked sledding. You can also find a similar event in Braunlage and Leipzig, although the latter one takes place during the summer with water slides. 

Naked Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers is one of the races with the longest history. The first foot race was held in 1912, and it has been among the most popular events in the U.S. But what many don’t know is that this festival includes a lot of nudity. The original idea behind this race was to lift up everyone’s spirit after a huge earthquake in San Francisco in 1906.


Over the years, the popularity grew, and more and more people became willing to try their luck in this competition. 


The total length of the race is 12 kilometers or 7.5 miles. When you have so many people at the same place, it is a matter of time when something weird would happen. That is why it is quite common today to see people running the Bay to Breakers completely naked. 

Even though public nudity is not allowed, rules don’t apply to this race. But if you plan to compete, be sure to wear the racing ribbon at all times. Of course, those that don’t like the idea of being naked shouldn’t worry. This isn’t mandatory, and you can join in whichever outfit you want.

Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Olympics

The next destination for naked festivals is South Australia. This is another event with a rich history, and these “Olympics” have been around for over thirty years. There are numerous different competitions that are included in this event, and all participants are completely naked. 


These events include frisbee and balloon throwing, baton and sack races, and many others. If you are interested in competing in the Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Olympics, you should know that there are two categories. One for people aged between eighteen and thirty-nine, and the second one for over forty. 


The first naked Olympics were held in 1974, and over 300 visitors arrive each year. While it is recommended to come here naked, it is not mandatory, and the most important thing is to enjoy the event. 

Perry Mann’s Exotic Erotic Ball & Expo

The original Exotic Erotic Ball (or simply the Ball) was an annual event that took place in late October around Halloween. The location was San Francisco, and it was one of the longest-running adult events in the world. The first event was held in 1979, and it quickly became popular. 


Over the years, the location changed, but the general idea behind the event remained the same. It also served as an inspiration for other similar events, and they are still rather common across the country. 


In 2010, the event was permanently canceled due to low ticket sales. A couple of similar events were held in 2011 and 2012, and they continue to pop up showing that there is still interest in visiting an erotic ball. 

Running of the Nudes

It’s time to go back to Europe. But this time, we will talk about a festival in Spain. You are probably aware of the festival Running of the Bulls, and both events happen in Pamplona. However, Running of the Nudes takes place two days prior to the other event, and the idea is to raise awareness of animal welfare and cruelty that is bullfighting. 


As you can probably guess, a group of naked people will walk across the city to spread the message and try to stop bullfighting once and for all. The first event took place in 2002, and there were only twenty-five naked people running around the city. Over the years, more and more people became willing to join the cause, and the event grew. 


Today, many organizations fighting for animal rights support Running of the Nudes, and it is one of the biggest naked festivals in the world.

Hadaka Matsuri

The translation of Hadaka Matsuri is Naked Festival, and it is an annual event that takes place all across Japan. Usually, this festival is held in the summer or winter, and the idea is pretty simple. 


All visitors will wear as few clothing items as possible. They often have underwear or very short and revealing coats, but it’s rare to see someone completely naked. Motives for this festival are often religious, that is, men hope that they will have more luck in the following year if they participate. It is one of the most popular naked festivals in Japan.