The Do’s and Dont’s Of Festival Sex


You’ve planned and prepped for months and now the moment is finally here. With thousands of music fans descending into one place, there are certain things you need to know about tent sex. Whether you’re with your partner in Glastonbury or open to meeting someone new at Wireless, learn how to enjoy festival sex with our do’s and don’ts.


Be prepared – Now that you’ve chosen your favourite outfits and sunglasses for a few days of fun in the sun, packing condoms and lube are just as essential as wearing sun cream. Whether you’re actively seeking some festival romance or you’re more focused on enjoying the music, condoms are a great way of keeping you and your partner safe while you enjoy one another. To avoid ruining your experience and worrying about the aftermaths, bring enough condoms to last you a few days.

Freshen up – When it comes …

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I Watched Three Days of Nudity at The Edinburgh Fringe – This is What I Learned


Fifteen naked people in a single day is a record for me. For a Monday, at least. I am in Edinburgh to attend the fringe, where I have been given a brief to … well, avoid briefs. Ban bras, skirt skirts – free willy. Go to Edinburgh, and see the naked shows, was the plan. Bring a towel to sit on, a venue said.

Nudity is not new at the fringe, established in 1947, when eight theatre companies decided to turn up uninvited and stage their own shows alongside the Edinburgh international festival. This sounds a bit like turning up outside someone’s house with a boombox, but it obviously proved successful. Last year, the Fringe consisted of more than 3,000 shows in 300 venues.

If sexual intercourse began, as the poet Philip Larkin claimed, in 1963, nudity arrived at the Fringe the same year. In what became known as the …

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Roskilde Naked Run Festival


Genitals, genitals everywhere.

Knowing what to wear to a festival can be tricky, but usually people do tend to opt for some kind of clothing.

But modesty took a back seat when 30 extremely confident Danes took part in a naked fun-run at Roskilde festival in Roskilde, Denmark.

The Roskilde Festival offers exhibitionists everywhere the freedom to run around in the buff during the annual Naked Run.

The Naked Run is the highlight of the festival, which takes place just outside of Copenhagen.

It’s one of the largest music festivals in Europe, and has been going since 1971.

Wearing nothing but socks, trainers and a smile, 30 amateur runners took part in the challenge, gearing themselves up with plenty of warpaint and some pretty powerful warm-up exercises.

The nude race has taken place at Rosklide since 1999, and normally takes place on the Saturday of the festival, according to Chilli …

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World Naked Sledging Title


Thousands of spectators gathered to watch the annual naked sledging championships in Germany on Saturday. Not to be put off by the mild temperatures, an artificial ski slope was created.

Contenders, clad only in underpants, a helmet, boots and gloves, contended for the fastest time, sliding down a custom-built 25-metre ramp of artificial snow on an inflated rubber ring.

Anika Langsfeld, 24, from Saxony-Anhalt became the women’s world naked sledging champion, beating 20 competitors from various countries at the bizarre competition held near Magdeburg.

While the 13 degree C temperatures may not have been too punishing, the topless would-be-champions tried their luck in front of around 8,000 spectators on artificial snow.

Germany’s reigning “jungle queen” Melanie Müller from Leipzig, who became the latest winner of the German version of “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” in early February, lost out in the semi-finals.

And this year the event …

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Naked Man Festival


A centuries-old winter spectacle full of wild action, bare skin, and music.

The Saidaiji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri in Okayama is a raucous festival all about luck and happiness, in which a crowd of thousands of nearly naked men jostle for lucky objects tossed by priests in the cold of late February.

The festival evolved from a ritual started 500 years ago, when worshippers competed to catch paper talismans called Go-o thrown by a priest at Saidaiji Kannon-in Temple. These tokens marked the completion of New Year ascetic training by the priests. Those who snagged talismans had good things happen to them, so more people requested them year by year.

How to Get There
The festival is easily accessible from JR Okayama Station.

Take the Ako Line from Okayama Station to Saidaiji Station. Saidaiji Kannon-in is an easy 10-minute walk due south of the station.

Honoring the goddess of mercy
The …

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7 Naked Festival and Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Them


There are numerous nude festivals in countries across the world. And while they all have one thing in common, the motives behind and types of these events are often quite different. If you enjoy parties and nudity, here are some of the most popular events that you shouldn’t miss. 

Naked Snow Sledding Championship

If you are one of many people that love sledding and being naked, this festival is something you need to visit. Yes, you read it right. The entire idea behind the Naked Show Sledding Championship is to compete while being as naked as possible. This festival is held in Germany, in a town called Altenberg, and it is one of the biggest attractions you can find there. 


As you can probably guess, this race won’t be a part of the Olympics, but it is so much fun. Of course, being completely naked would probably be a

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Creative ways you can enjoy a butt plug


At this point, almost everybody should know a portion of the extraordinary sexual delight you can understand by wearing butt plugs. Be that as it may, for a large number of us, this will be something that we just do in the security of our rooms. Why keep the fun bolted up away from plain view, however? There are huge amounts of fun things and some, not all that fun things that can be made substantially more intriguing just by doing them while stopped!

Why You Should Take Your Butt Plug Outside

The main thing that will enter somebody’s thoughts if they aren’t acquainted with this sort of action is the reason they should trouble.

The majority of these reasons come down to a certain something, however. Having a butt plugs in while doing any number of ordinary things can make you feel only somewhat shrewd. You shouldn’t generally be …

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Vagina Training Through Yoni Eggs


Love Balls are an underrated sex toy. They not only increase the desire, they also train the pelvic floor. That’s why you should try them!

Love balls as a sex toy – why?

When it comes to sex, it’s like dragging crates of drinks: if you have trained muscles, you have a clear advantage. This does not only apply to the sweaty marathon night between the sheets or particularly ambitious positions from the Kama sutra. In female orgasm, the muscles of the pelvic floor are in demand. If it is weak, you may have trouble getting to the climax. That’s where the love balls come into play.

What are love balls? 

Love balls usually consist of two or more small, interconnected balls.

What do you do with love balls?

The love balls are inserted into the vagina. This lubricant can help. Using anegg can the Sextoy pull out again – …

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Wearing Ben Wa Balls Like a Precious Accessory


Mien-Ling in China, ball of resonance in Japan, the country of origin, the balls of Ben Wa are an accessory which makes the happiness of Orientals since centuries. The first balls of Ben Wa, or “Burmese bells” consisted of two hollow silver balls, one containing a drop of mercury or a metal ball the other a “tongue” of metal which, vibrating, produced the sound of a bell. They were worn by courtesans in the morning and the balls were supposed to allow them to be always in a state of excitement to receive their lover.

The principle has remained the same but the developments made with regard to the noise that could produce the balls have evolved for our greatest pleasure! Today, Ben Wa balls are made of metal balls, connected together by a latex cord, metal or other; they are placed in the vagina, possibly in the anus. Ben …

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Understanding Your Body Through Urethral Sounding


Many women suffer from pain during penetration (vaginismus), chronic pain in the genital area or in pain during sex. Depending on the source, 45% of all women who experience pain in intercourse for a long time in their lives are said to be.

Pain in the genital area or during intercourse is usually a great burden for a woman especially if she cannot introduce anything and therefore perhaps never had intercourse.  Doctors and therapists usually recommend women to use dilators. Some women also research the Internet and come across the so-called vaginal training – as the application of dilators is often called.

Either way, most women try to introduce dilators on their own and without proper guidance. Very often women give up vaginal training frustrated after a few weeks or practice with the unloved dilators for months or even years. Because they suffer from pain because they lose motivation or …

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How to choose your first sex toy: Tricks to help you out


Many of the stronger sex love games using sex toys. Therefore, it is very important to be able to choose the best option for all those offered. There are a number of parameters that need to be taken into account when choosing sex toys for adults. While choosing your first sex toy you need to consider the purpose with which you want to buy a toy, its functions, type, timing and features. Nowadays, unfortunately, more and more men suffer from various sexual problems, such as falling libido, lack of interest in sex, impotence, erectile dysfunction or lack of stamina during sex. However, there are ways that can help in these situations.

One of the most effective is sex toys. Of course, they cannot cure these ailments, but they can control them. They also make an intimate relationship. Sex toys for men are able to awaken the desire and give …

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